Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

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May 16, 2017
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Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Wayne Osrin Plumbing – Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg. We know hot water in our houses is not an option, it is a must have for all families. We rely on our geysers for hot water to be able to take that well deserved long bath. But even the top of the range geysers are not made to last. This causes our houses to either be flooded or there is just no hot water.

Knowing when your geyser will pack up is never a easy thing to do. Here are some things to have a look at to know when your geyser is telling you that it is on its way out.

We can have a look at the geysers age

We have noticed over the years that a lot of things can go wrong with geysers. Some of these many factors are parts that wear out, tanks crack and corrosion develops. For most geysers the estimated time of life is +- around 10 years.

If you do not know how old your geyser is you you can simply check the label on the geyser and that will tell you the month and the year that the unit was produced. Refer to your Geysers manufacturer’s website to learn how to interpret your model’s code.  With this code you can confirm the age of your Geyser.

We can also have a look at compromised hot water supply

One of the first symptoms that the geyser might be on its way out is that the hot water will be a lot cooler when it is coming out the taps or the shower or the hot water does not last very long.

This could be a failing heating element, which Wayne Osrin Plumbing (a licensed plumber) can diagnose and repair. This usually happens close to or after the ten-year mark. This should be interpreted as a serious indicator that the geyser is failing.

What you can look out for is rusty water

You can get the full life expectancy of your geyser if you regularly have your anode rod checked, serviced or replaced when necessary. This rods main purpose is to collect corrosive elements that causes rust. This rod rusts away so that your geyser does not have to. Therefore if this rod is not replaced when it needs to be replaced and it is completely used up the corrosive elements will start rusting up the entire unit.

The Corrosion can present itself as a form of rusty water coming from your taps. You can check if the problem is your geyser or if it is in the pipes by flushing our water geyser. This is another routine maintenance task that Wayne Osrin Plumbing (a licensed plumber) can help you with. We then check if the drained water is rust-colored. If it is a rusty color then the geyser needs some serious help or else it may start leaking which is the last thing any of us wants.

Have you noticed a leak? Call for Geyser Repairs in Johannesburg

Whether due to rust, manufacturing flaws, damage or other causes, geysers will start leaking on a long enough timeline. One of the most effective ways to address this is to regularly check your geyser. If anything was found, take action as soon as possible.


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